Norra Djurgårdsstaden

The goal was to communicate important data of one of Europe’s biggest sustainable cities with the public, politicians and other target groups in an easy, comprehensive and interactive way. The important data that is being communicated are energy consumption, stages of building zones and the building development in the area.

Kopparstaden i Falun

The aim is to visualise how the area Surbrunnshagen is being planned now and over the upcoming 10 years for communication and sales purposes. In this project the user is able to see how the area is being developed overall and you also have the opportunity to virtually visit the planned properties.

Skoglund’s Brf Hesseborn

To visualise how the property is going to fit in the area, and how the space inside of the 7apartment types are going to look and feel like before everything is built Combify have built a tool that lets the user see the property from all angles, and click on each apartment in the building and get information such as pricing, number of rooms, area and more.

Winberg och Backhans Bygg in Leksand

In this project Combify visualised how the interior of a potential buyer’s future home is going to look like and to help WinbergBackhans communicate and market their project. It is possible to visually roam in the space using Virtual Reality glasses or VR cardboards for mobile use.